Practical Information

Student Rules and Regulations

Respect for all:

1. Students must co-operate with teachers and staff at all times, both in and out of class, with good manners and without challenge.

2. No physical contact allowed.

3. Students must show care and respect for all others and the property of others. Students will be held responsible for any damage to property.

4. To respect, at all times, the local area – before, during and after school – in order to maintain the good name of the college.

 Attendance and timekeeping:

5. Students should attend school all day every day. A note must be given to explain absences.

6. Assembly starts at 9am, so students should be in school at 8.55, at the latest. Students should be respectful during assembly times

Health and Safety:

7. Permission to leave the school must be recorded in the journal by the parent and signed by the Year Head at assembly. Students must sign out at the office before leaving the school.

8. Students should not bring anything to school that may be considered harmful to the safety of others. Such items must be handed over, on request.

9. Energy drinks/fizzy drinks and chewing gum are not allowed.


10. Students should wear their correct uniform each day, following regulations on make-up and jewellery as appropriate.

  • School Jumper with college crest
  • White shirt, school tie
  • Black school shoes, runners are not acceptable
  • Grey trousers or skirt

Make-up:         Junior students are not allowed make-up of any kind

Senior students are allowed to wear discreet and natural looking make-up

Jewellery:        One small ring and one pair of stud earrings are allowed

No facial jewellery

School tracksuits should only be worn on the day of PE class.



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