Message from the Principal

Welcome to the St. Aidan’s Community College website. We would like to extend a special welcome to our past pupils both at home and abroad.

Here in St. Aidan’s we take great pride in the academic achievement of our pupils, a large number of whom have been immensely successful in many fields of learning both at home and abroad and their successes are reflected in this website.

In St Aidan’s we provide students with an education that has a sound academic and practical content. Staff are committed to develop teaching and learning aimed at good academic achievement. We hold high expectations for all our students. We encourage a positive learning environment for all, so that students can feel safe and valued in their contributions. We hope to nurture a good work ethic in our students that prepares them for further study and/or the workplace.

On the following web pages you will see a representation of what daily life is like in St Aidan’s in its many and varied aspects – academic, pastoral, social, altruistic, sporting and musical, all of which combine to encapsulate the true life and spirit of the college.

Sheila Curley, Principal


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