Section 2 Enrollment, Induction & Attendance

St. Aidan's Community College Special Educational Needs Policy

Section 2. Enrollment, Induction & Attendance

The enrolment of all children is governed by the school’s current Admissions Policy. The school is committed to providing the best possible educational service to pupils with special educational needs and requires a close level of co-operation between parents, teachers, and any other school personnel assigned to support the child.

Parents are regarded as partners in the provision of support for students. Every effort is made to facilitate this through:

  • the seeking of consent for information-gathering at enrolment from other schools and agencies;
  • consultation and approval prior to the implementation of an IEP;
  • regular contact by phone, as well as frequent face to face meetings, both planned and impromptu, between parents and support teachers for the purposes of keeping parents informed of their children's progress at regular intervals;
  • facilitating all requests for information in a timely and efficient manner

Parents are required to supply the school with copies of the most recent psychological and medical reports prior to enrolment to enable us to provide the best services for the pupil, and to access any additional support that may be available. Copies of all relevant assessments and reports should be supplied to the school as these become available, on an on-going basis.
Induction is facilitated by:

  • Extensive pre-entry contact with incoming students, and their parents or guardians.
  • A good information flow, including collaborative meetings, between the feeder primary school and the post-primary school, particularly in relation to students’ achievement, learning strengths, and material covered at primary level. The transmission of confidential information shall protect the personal and statutory rights of students.
  • An understanding by teachers of the teaching and learning approaches that characterise students’ experiences in primary school in order to help them to make connections with and build on the learning that has taken place in primary school.
  • An information desk on open days and involvement by members of the SEN team at induction events.
  • School visits, whole-school induction events and any other activities arranged as the need arises.
  • Briefings presented to teachers of prospective enrolees

The attendance of students with special educational needs, particularly during the early days and months of their first year in school, is facilitated and closely monitored.

Unfair treatment, discrimination or bullying of students with special needs within the school by staff members or students is recorded and dealt with under the relevant school policies.

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