Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy
While St Aidan’s ensures that school attendance is monitored for all students, it stresses and rewards students who achieve high levels of attendance as well as monitoring those who struggle to attend school and encourage them to improve their attendance. The school recognises the central role of parents in supporting and encouraging good attendance among the student body.
1. St Aidan’s undertakes to inform parents of their duty to ensure that their child attends school on a regular basis.
2. There is an obligation on each parent/guardian to ensure that their child’s absence is explained (section 18 Education Welfare Act). There is an expectation by the college that this explanation be in written form and be produced in their student journal upon their return to school.
3. On their return to school the absence note must be signed off by their class tutor or year head and then brought to the office.
4. On four occasions during the year an attendance report will be forwarded by post with school reports to the parents/guardians of all students.
5. Upon reaching fifteen days absence the parents or students will be written to and called in to speak with the Schools Attendance Officer.
6. Upon reaching twenty days absence the students’ attendance will be brought to the attention of the Education Welfare Officer of the National Education Welfare Board (Section 21 Education Welfare Act). This may happen earlier at the discretion of the principal.
7. On occasion during the year parents may be contacted by text messaging to advise where a student is absent from school.
8. Students with a record of poor attendance will be targeted from September the following year to encourage improved attendance.
9. Students with consistently poor unexplained attendance may be barred from activities at the discretion of school management.
1. Students must be present for assembly with books etc at 8.55am.
2. A record of attendance is carried out each day and by subject teachers for each class.
3. Dental and medical appointments should be made outside school time when possible.
4. The school cannot approve of students being withdrawn from school for holidays or non-medical reasons during the school year.
5. The safety and welfare of our students is a primary concern. St Aidan’s Community College considers unauthorised absence from school as a major breach of school discipline. Parents/Guardians will be notified and sanctions will be applied.

1. A record is kept of students who are late for school. These students will be recorded in the school late book.
2. Punishment work will be given to students who are late for school to complete.

Dealing with other bodies
1. The college will maintain a record of attendance and submit these when requested to the National Education Welfare Board.
2. The Schools’ Attendance Officer will liaise on a regular basis with the Education Welfare Officer to discuss cases of poor attendance.
3. Regular attendance reports will be forwarded to the National Education Welfare Board as required by that organisation.
4. The attendance officer will supply a list of students to the Education Welfare Officer about which the school has concerns.
5. Weekly meetings will be held between the School Attendance Officer and the School Completion Co-ordinator at St Aidan’s where sharing of relevant information will occur resulting in students with poor attendance being supported.
6. In consultation with school management the attendance officer may make recommendations for referral of students encountering difficulty with attendance to the School Completion Programme.
Forms of Affirmation
• Tangible rewards e.g. vouchers will be given to students who achieve full attendance by both Christmas and the end of the school year.
• Other rewards for the best class attendance in any academic year will include a day trip for the successful class
• The names of those with full attendance for the year will be forwarded to the National Education Welfare Board to be issued with certificates of full attendance by that organisation, through the offices of the Lord Mayor.
Note: this list may change from time to time depending on need.

This policy on attendance will be reviewed on an annual basis to ensure that it continues to be relevant and appropriate.
Ratified by Board of Management on 30th May 2012

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